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remember that sasuke figurine that could hold up like literally fucking anythign









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Anonymous: Is it possible to have more than one soulmate?


This conditioned, romanticized notion that attraction should only be limited to one individual is completely irrational and only feeds insecurity in how dramatized it is.  Bound by cause and effect, we maintain an active relationship with all individuals on this planet regardless of the labels we give certain one’s and given that we innately desire expansion, this prison-like security of monogamy would seem detrimental to personal and collective growth.  Each partner desiring escape, but not at the expense of the security of their cell.  Obligation weighs like an anchor as repression becomes commonplace and relationships degenerate into parasitic dynamics.

I’m not saying that this will happen by default, or that all people that happen to only desire one person are delusional, but due to how overwhelmingly commonplace and logical it is to desire multiple individuals, one should simply not shame themselves or others for this rational compulsion.

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Well, I am officially no longer a member of Key Club International, and I’m leaving with a very poor taste in my mouth. Over a massive fifty cents too.

For those who DON’T know, as of July 5, 2014, every Key Clubber now has to pay AT LEAST fifty more cents to join this organization, probably more…

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Math isn’t really science. You don’t do experiments, or collect and interpret data. You just manipulate a bunch of rules (axioms) and get a ‘proof’, an idea that will hold true forever.

When our cells divide, our DNA packs itself up into tighter and tighter coils. The study of how this packing occurs and what form it takes can be described using knot theory, and the same applies with sphere eversion.

Did you know that in a gathering of 6 or more people, there will be three that are either mutual friends or mutually don’t know each other? This is a basic result in Ramsey theory, the study of how and where order appears.

Do you know international shipping is actually a hard problem? The best route to take, delivering everything on time is a problem that sits on the intersection of combinatorics, computational complexity theory, graph theory (topology!!) and logistics. Tangentially, if you want to calculate the odds of getting a full house in poker, you use combinatorics (about 0.144%). If you want to know how long it will take a government to read your encrypted emails, thats roughly a computational complexity problem. If you want to run a successful dating website, or build the next Google, you better brush up on your graph theory.

The real world, and more generally, the universe is full of surprising interconnections between fields of knowledge. Mathematics is the search for pattern and order, for abstract, unchanging truths in so much chaos.

Whenever I catch myself thinking, “when will there ever be an application for this”, I remind myself that the universe is not confined by my lack of imagination.

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Perfect haha

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Popping someone’s bubble of ignorance and forcing them to deal with reality.

That’s actually a really literal description of this gif

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The best way out is always through.

Robert Frost (via leslieseuffert)
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My Realistic Pokemon series Season 2 thus far.  Who will be next?

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There are many things that can keep you in a relationship. Fear of being alone. Fear of disrupting the arrangement of your life. A decision to settle for something that’s okay, because you don’t know if you can get any better. Or maybe there’s the irrational belief that it will get better, even if you know he won’t change.

Everyday (David Levithan)
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